Stine Lomborg (Aarhus): Navigating the blogosphere: Towards a genre-based typology of weblogs. From New Scientist, a special section on eight things you didn't know about the internet. A Wired FAQ on the fight over the Google of All Libraries. From THES, the internet is unravelling intellectual ownership, but without citation, academia's shared conversation will be lost; a review of The Romantic Economist by Richard Bronk; how professors think: Fred Inglis searches the academy for signs of intelligent life — or clear diction, at a pinch; and a look at why student-scholar trysts are perilous affairs. From The Economist, an article on the Berlusconisation of Italy (and more). Secrets of the Phallus: Why is the penis shaped like that? (and more) From Splice Today, an interview with Thomas Schaller on what we're getting wrong in our cultural discourse about socialism. Arthur Brooks on why the real culture war is over capitalism: Tea parties, ethical populism, and the moral case against redistribution. Gordon Silverstein on how Souter ended up disappointing conservatives by being conservative. Chris Good on the Souter Replacement Watch Master List. Growing pains for Talking Points Memo: With his bette noir in Texas, Josh Marshall must come up with new targets for his aggressive brand of journalism.