From the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Edward Demenchonok (FVSU) and Richard Peterson (MSU): Globalization and Violence: The Challenge to Ethics; John Sanbonmatsu (WPI): The Holocaust Sublime: Singularity, Representation, and the Violence of Everyday Life; Steven V. Hicks (Queens): The Project of Reconciliation and the Road to Redemption: Hegel's Social Philosophy and Nietzsche's Critique; and Leonidas Bargeliotes (Athens): Relevant Hellenic Factors Favoring Effective Dialogue and Peaceful Coexistence. Is nonfiction literature? That was the provocative question that Philip Gourevitch, Colum McCann, and Norbert Gstrein addressed at the PEN World Voices Festival. From Wired, a look at how culture may be encoded in DNA; mission impossible: An article on the code even the CIA can't crack; and warp speed, maybe: An interview with Marc Millis and Eric Davis, editors of Frontiers of Propulsion Science. How to save media: Newspapers and magazines won't vanish, but they must change. The Washington Post asks former officials, legal scholars and others how President Obama should handle his first Supreme Court nomination. Everyday philosophy: Nigel Warburton on putting self-denial on trial. Beyond belief: Research on religion goes after a new target — the secular.