From The Space Review, if the folks who brought us "Star Trek" can get it right after forty years, we ought to be able to do the same in the real world of exploring space; a look at the lessons for the future of human space flight; an essay on Apollo's greatest achievement; twenty years after its publication, Apollo: The Race to the Moon still stands as one of the best histories of the program; an article on remembering Apollo in ways old and new (and more); and why are we celebrating the great Moon hoax? From History Today, in 1969 men set foot on the Moon for the first time; the Apollo space programme that put them there was the product of an age of optimism and daring very different from our own (and more from National Geographic). On the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, America wonders whether to go back there. Why is it so hard to go back to the Moon? Robin McKie on the fallen dream that was the moon landings. Who is Neil Armstrong? The man who first set foot upon the Moon remains an enigma. From the right stuff to the hard stuff: After becoming the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin hit the bottle. Google Earth users can now search the moon by using high resolution planning charts.