From H-Net, fascism, totalitarianism, and beyond: A review essay on recent perspectives on the twentieth-century dictatorships. Here's the text of "Mozart Was a Red", a play by Murray Rothbard about Ayn Rand. Satan, the great motivator: Is the devil himself good for business? The curious economic effects of religion on a country's economy. Steven Pinker reviews What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell (and a response by Gladwell and more). The self-manufacture of Megan Fox: How America’s leading starlet made herself up for the multimedia age (and more at the New York Times Magazine's special "screens" issue). David Harsanyi on the case against Twitter: C'mon, admit it — Twitter is useless. What if Nidal Malik Hasan is sane? A web of lone wolves: Fort Hood shows us that Internet jihad is not a myth. From Christianity Today, an interview with Carrie Prejean on "the worst mistake of [her] life" (and more). Shakespeare and Company, the legendary English-language bookstore on Paris’s Left Bank, recently got a facelift — several faces, in fact. A review of Dear Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts! by Lynne Margulies and Bob Zmuda. Patrick Chovanec on the Nine Nations of China. Freud in the slips: Both test cricket and psychoanalysis are out of tune with a world that demands quick results. Rich People Things: Chris Lehmann on the nation’s beleaguered private golf clubs; and okay, so this is pretty much the reason why we have a New York Times "Sunday Styles" section. You're invited to Bookforum at The New School: "Getting to Work: Labor Issues in the 21st Century" taking place today in New York City.