From Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, a special issue on Fields of Remembrance. From TED, Naif Al-Mutawa on superheroes inspired by Islam. From The Activist, an interview with Stanislao Pugliese on Italian-American culture and identity and contemporary Italian politics. Abigail Deutsch reviews Death Is Not an Option by Suzanne Rivecca. From Rain Taxi, a review of Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom by Bell Hooks; a review of Modernism After Wagner by Juliet Koss; a review of Technologized Desire: Selfhood and the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction by D. Harlan Wilson; and a review of The Birth and Death of the Cool by Ted Gioia. In thirty-eight years, The Price is Right never had a contestant guess the exact value of prizes in the Showcase showdown until Terry Kniess outsmarted everyone — and changed everything. In a desertifying world short of water, the utilitarian camel, and the ancient cultures that depend on it, offer a way to use land too poor to sustain anything else. Can the Sunlight Foundation's efforts during the financial-reform battle teach us lessons for the impending regulatory phase? One of the main things you’ll have to learn about in the world of Sovereign Citizenship is the importance of magic, such as the magical qualities of Capital Letters. A review of No Dig, No Fly, No Go: How Maps Restrict and Control by Mark Monmonier.