Louis Kaplan (Toronto): Unknowing Susan Sontag's Regarding: Recutting with Georges Bataille. Nora Ruck (Vienna): Some Historical Dimensions of the "Dialogical Body": From Bakhtin’s Dialogical Grotesque Body to the Monological Body of Modernity (and a response). From Politics and Culture, Theo Jung (Bielefeld): The Shadow of Cultural Criticism; Rob Leurs (Utrecht): The "Chain of Equivalence": Cultural Studies and Laclau and Mouffe’s Discourse Theory; a review of Social Philosophy after Adorno by Lambert Zuidervaart; and a special issue on intellectual biographies. From Not Bored!, a special issue on Guy Debord: Dead and Loving It (1994-2009). From Rhizomes, a special section on posthumography, including Richard Burt (Florida): Putting Your Papers in Order: The Matter of Kierkegaard's Writing Desk, Goethe's Files, and Derrida's Paper Machine, Or, the Philology and Philosophy of Publishing After Death; Julian Yates (Delaware): The Briefcase of Walter Benjamin/Benjamin Walter's Briefcase: An Invent/Story; and a review of Posthumography: A Collection of Dead Writings. From Rain Taxi, a review of The Fall of Sleep by Jean-Luc Nancy. Axiomatic equality: Jacques Ranciere's "utopian rationalism" invokes the possibility of a radically de-institutionalized autodidacticism, but it may be that the modern university is antithetical to any possibility of establishing true equality among its players.