From Philosophy Now, what is philosophy and how do we do it? Are the concerns of philosophers far removed from daily lives of most people? Philosophers aren’t detached from reality, lost in an ivory tower, irrelevant; rather, they want to be all these things but can’t be — reality inevitably gets in the way. Philosophy has a long history of dangerous ideas, but how a philosophy book could possibly pose a security threat to a computer network? A review of Philosophy and Happiness. Here is the introduction to Philosophy as Therapeia. A review of Persons: What Philosophers Say about You by Warren Bourgeois. Do we need philosophy? The death of the David Hull leads Michael Ruse to question whether philosophers have become as extinct as lamplighters. Moral camouflage or moral monkeys: Is the great show we make of morality just a civilized cover for our selfish opportunism? Perhaps Socrates’s mission is to make the world safe for ugly people — isn’t everyone a little ugly, one way or the other, at one time or another? From The Guardian, a series on Montaigne, philosopher of life. What do Gandhi and Mother Teresa have in common with Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer? Very little, you might reply — but our perceptions of them are in certain ways surprisingly similar. An interview with Greg Bassham, author of "Lance Armstrong and True Success" in Cycling — Philosophy for Everyone: A Philosophical Tour de Force. Why doesn't Batman just kill his arch-nemesis, the murderous Joker? Enter philosopher Immanuel Kant and the deontological theory of ethics. Here is the The Philosophers' Magazine's "Ideas of the 21st Century" page.