Laura I. Appleman (Willamette): Oscar Wilde's Long Tail: Framing Sexual Identity in the Law. We’re spent: We are living through a tremendous bust — it isn’t simply a housing bust, but a fizzling of the great consumer bubble that was decades in the making. From World Policy Journal, around the world, a central question bears on sustainability, the environment, and social and financial well-being: What does quality of life mean, and how should we measure it? A panel of global experts weighs in. From Cato Unbound, Dan Gardner and Philip Tetlock on overcoming our aversion to acknowledging our ignorance. From Tea Party Review, JD Thorpe on conservatives and the “N” word. From Swans, capitalising on nonviolence: Michael Barker on a critique of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. From Pop Matters, this is your brain on YouTube. We must be superstars: Nitsuh Abebe writes in defense of pop (and maybe narcissism, too). Gonads in Love: Michael Thomsen on the recent history of pheromones and birth control. The girl who played with fire: It started online and quickly grew into the most intimate of betrayals — the rise, fall and stubborn survival of Kiki Kannibal, a teenage Internet celebrity who discovered that the real world can be a very scary place. A review of Mafias on the Move: How Organised Crime Conquers New Territories by Federico Varese. Alan Wolfe reviews Why Niebuhr Now? by John Patrick Diggins. Pledging allegiance to peace: Quaker Tony White argues that patriotism is deadly, no matter where or why it is practiced. While there are many explanations that analysts offer to explain the dismal performance of Sony, there is one explanation that is never mentioned: the Curse of the DaVinci Code. Felix Salmon on the real Rupert Murdoch exposed.