From Media Matters, black and white and re(a)d all over: The conservative advantage in syndicated op-ed columns, as conservatives rule op-ed pages — with George Will as King. From National Journal, a "liberal moment" may be approaching in American politics, but the mainstream media are too wary of being seen as biased to report on the re-awakening of liberalism. From The Weekly Standard, an article on the lopsided netroots: Why there's no conservative Kos. From The Wall Street Journal, an article on DC's New Young Blogging Elite. From Salon, Glenn Greenwald on the endless, meaningless blather from the Washington establishment. Grading the forecasts of experts: A new study adds to the body of numerical evidence that forecasting “experts” don’t do much better than novices — or, for that matter, guessing — when it comes to predicting the future (and more).