Kim Shayo Buchanan (USC): Engendering Rape. Gabriel Markoff (Texas): Arthur Andersen and the Myth of the Corporate Death Penalty: Corporate Criminal Convictions in the Twenty-First Century. Does it matter why women have abortions? Emily Douglas wants to know. From Coast Guard Compass, a special series on a week in the life of the Coast Guard. A review of All About Poop by Kate Hayes. From Intelligent Life, the latest on the series of Big Questions is a simple one, often used rhetorically: what’s the worst that could happen? The end of Gore Vidal: The iconoclastic leftist and novelist discusses the rage that fueled him, and how he felt about his coming end alongside the ruin of America in this interview previously unpublished in English. A review of The Fortunes of Permanence: Culture and Anarchy in an Age of Amnesia by Roger Kimball (and more). So, you want to do a PhD in international law?