Maybe it’s time

From Evolutionary Psychology, S. Craig Roberts (Stirling), Mark van Vugt (VU Amsterdam), and Robin I. M. Dunbar (Oxford): Evolutionary Psychology in the Modern World: Applications, Perspectives, and Strategies; Anthony C. Little and S. Craig Roberts (Stirling): Evolution, Appearance, and Occupational Success; Carey J. Fitzgerald and Kimberly M. Danner (Oakland): Evolution in the Office: How Evolutionary Psychology Can Increase Employee Health, Happiness, and Productivity; and Nathan Oesch (Oxford) and Igor Miklousic (Ivo Pilar): The Dating Mind: Evolutionary Psychology and the Emerging Science of Human Courtship. Newspapers have life cycles — and maybe it's time for the Washington Post to die. Steven Hill and Robert Richie on why America can't pass gun control: Hint — it's not the NRA or a gun-loving culture. Roy Gutman goes inside Turkey’s Kurdish insurgency: No sex, no swearing, no Quran. If only Marx had used emoticons: There is something about email that turns irony, wit and style into trouble, but could misunderstandings be avoided by using little winky faces? No, says Jonathan Wolff.