How to fix the American political system

Peter Vonich (AFA): Constitutional Corruption: The Aftermath of Citizens United v. FEC. Eoin Carolan (UCD): Making Government Work for the 99% (and the 47%)?: Why We Need to Rethink the Separation in the Separation of Powers. Kurt Thurber on how to fix the American political system. From Wonkblog, Ezra Klein interviews Steven Teles, author of Kludgeocracy: The American Way of Policy; why Congress can’t seem to get anything done: Dylan Matthews interviews George Tsebelis, author of Veto Players; and John Sides on why gerrymandering is not what’s wrong with American politics. Nate Cohn on why Obama is wrong: Gerrymandering isn't to blame for the GOP fever — the real culprit is much simpler. John Sides and Eric McGhee on how redistricting didn’t win Republicans the House. 50 states redrawn: Neil Freeman on electoral college reform (fifty states with equal population).