A lot simpler

A new issue of e-flux is out. Glenn Boyle and Scott Rademaker (Canterbury): Are Bureaucrats Really Paid Like Bureaucrats? From ResetDOC, Charles Taylor on interculturalism or multiculturalism; Kwame Anthony Appiah on misunderstanding cultures: Islam and the West; and Alessandro Ferrara on hyperpluralism and the multivariate democratic polity. Ice, Ice, Baby: Meagan R. Marold on the division of frozen embryos at the time of divorce. Brad Plumer interviews Cass Sunstein on how government regulations could be a lot simpler. Vassar Unzipped: Laura Jacobs explores why Mary McCarthy’s The Group still dazzles as a generational portrait, falters as fiction, and blighted McCarthy’s life. Gary Marcus on the problem with the neuroscience backlash. An Arctic Norwegian town that once lived in fear of the Red Army has flourished thanks to an influx of Russians who freely cross the NATO member’s border to shop, work and get married. In defense of fan-made parodies: Kelly Witwicki Faddegon on how the extortionate use of copyright law infringes on democratic culture. Does this study prove Malcolm Gladwell was right about social media and revolutions? Russian magazine names Putin most eligible bachelor. From, Beth Bartolini-Salimbeni on 5 useful Italian hand gestures.