Men are people and women are women

Greta Olson (Giessen): Recovering from the Men We Loved to Hate: Barack Obama as a Representative of Post-Post September 11 White House Masculinity. Peggy Li (UC-Berkeley): Physical Attractiveness and Femininity: Helpful or Hurtful for Female Attorneys. Paul Sargent (SDSU): Reluctant Role Models: Men Teachers and the Reproduction of Hegemonic Masculinity. Mary E. Guy (Colorado): Inch by Inch: Gender Equity Since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. John M. Kang (St. Thomas): Does Manly Courage Exist? Karie Cross (Notre Dame): The Gendered Effects of Structural Violence. Marijke De Pauw (VUB): Women's Rights: From Bad to Worse? Assessing the Evolution of Incompatible Reservations to the CEDAW Convention. Estelle B. Freedman on feminism’s amazing achievement: Changing the conversation — and laws — about rape. Men are people and women are women: The Home Depot edition (and more). “There is no pressure for a girl to be a girl”: Caroline Kitchener on her quest to understand why some of her female friends are drawn to the frattiest social club on campus. Sarah Hawkes on how gender norms are killing men. The Pinterest Effect: Jessica Grose on the rise of DIY and the end of expertise — nouveau domesticity isn't just anti-feminist. Why do so many incompetent men become leaders? Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic wonders. The oldest war: Remember when the battle of the sexes was a laughing matter?