At any time

David Gamage (UC-Berkeley) and David Louk (Yale): Government Shutdowns, the New Fiscal Politics, and the Case for Default Budgets. From Vanity Fair, a special section on The New Establishment 2013: 50 Titans Disrupting Media, Technology, and Culture. Sarah Binder on deal-making in a polarized Congress. An interview with Adrian Tomine, artist of everyone’s favorite New Yorker covers. Joe Coscarelli on how Robert Costa became the golden boy of the government shutdown. Art Brodsky on the abomination of ebooks: They price people out of reading. Ezra Klein on eight questions that will decide whether Obamacare is a success. Breaking black: Zachary Roth on the right-wing plot to split a school board. Stop blaming the tea party, it’s the moderate Republicans’ fault — they could have ended the shutdown at any time. The secret of scale: Peter Murray on how powerful civic organizations like the NRA and AARP build membership, make money, and sway public policy. Obama beat the hostage-takers — now he has to fight the fiscal scolds: Alec MacGillis on the fecklessness of Washington's professional budget alarmists. If He Hollers Let Him Go: Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah on the political, personal, and familial reasons for Dave Chappelle’s return home to Yellow Springs, Ohio. Gordon Wood and Scott D. Gerber debate the Supreme Court and the uses of history. “Jolly Old Law”: Christa Rautenbach on the sex worker who sued her pimp for unfair dismissal. Henry Farrell on why Glenn Greenwald’s new media venture is a big deal. RIP: Norm Geras.