Of the newspaper business

From Neiman Lab, an oral history of the epic collision between journalism and digital technology, from 1980 to the present. Michael Wolff on the New York Times' identity crisis: A painful rift is developing between editors and executives over a new vision of the newspaper as a distributor of digital “product”. Sorry, Jeff Bezos, the news bundle isn’t coming back. New York Post Mortem: Steve Fishman on a (somewhat premature) newspaper autopsy. Stop press: We need to save journalism, not newspapers. Hal Varian on the economics of the newspaper business. It costs a lot, but investigative reporting can save lives, and non-profits lead the way in producing high-quality, in-depth stories — so who's going to pay for them? The unfortunate fact is that online journalism can’t survive without a wealthy benefactor or cat GIFs. Jay Rosen on the limits of investigative journalism: How two media accounts of the intrusive security state led to different political outcomes. Kids won’t read investigative journalism, but maybe they’ll play a videogame with the same message. A look at how Facebook is an important news source for people who don't care about news. This man decides what you read: Can Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile save journalism? David Folkenflik discusses Rupert Murdoch's politics, his broken promises and how he changed the media. Is Glenn Greenwald the future of news? Here’s what a conversation with him reveals.