Who wants a Christian America?

From The American Scholar, Jim Hinch on how Evangelical Christianity in America is losing its power — what happened to Orange County’s Crystal Cathedral shows why. Tiffany Stanley interviews Molly Worthen on the intellectual civil war within Evangelicalism. What kind of God? Annelin Eriksen and Ruy Blanes review When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God by Tanya Luhrmann. Who wants a Christian America? Jay Livingston looks at the results of a recent YouGov survey. New Life after the fall of Ted Haggard: Patton Dodd on how the megachurch healed — by remembering what it means to be the local church. The Prophet: Meet Dave Ramsey, the most important personal finance guru in America, as millions of people follow his biblically inspired advice (and more). From Alternet, the gospel of selfishness in American Christianity: Amanda Marcotte on how the philosophers of selfishness came to use Christianity as their cover story; meet the Right-wing Christian companies trying to impose their values on their workers; and CJ Werleman on how Rev. Billy Graham taught the Republican Party to sacrifice the poor on the altar of big-business, and on why the Christian Right believes it has once-in-a-decade chance to impose its radical worldview on America. Steven Mazie on John Locke, President Bush and the Jesus pushers. Hollis Phelps on Frank Schaefer, Phil Robertson and the myth of Christian unity. Philip Yancey on hip Christian books: Sampling a new genre. Erin S. Rodenbiker on Kanye West, evangelist of the 21st century.