How you choose to look at it

The inaugural issue of the Journal of Law and the Biosciences is out. J. Adam Carter (Edinburgh) and Martin Peterson (TU/e): On the Epistemology of the Precautionary Principle. Stephen Cowley (USD) and Jens Koed Madsen (Birkbeck): Time and Temporality: Linguistic Distribution in Human Life-Games. Jonathan St. B. T. Evans (Plymouth): Rationality and the Illusion of Choice. Corey Rayburn Yung (Kansas): How to Lie with Rape Statistics: America's Hidden Rape Crisis. From Newsweek, Leah McGrath Goodman on the face behind Bitcoin. Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto chased by reporters, denies founding Bitcoin (and more on the Satoshi paradox). The return of Newsweek to print: Samir Husni interviews Newsweek’s Editor Jim Impoco. How likely is your life? It depends on how you choose to look at it. Ferris Jabr on why life does not really exist. We can’t eat Lupita Nyong’o’s black beauty, try as we might: There’s a weird edge to the way Hollywood idolizes beautiful black women — and that's putting it politely. Edward Platt on how the ancient God of Judaism and Islam was no distant immortal, but a god of domestic life, infertility and fratricide. Michael Blume on reproductive vs. cooperative theories in the evolutionary studies of religion. Bianca Bosker goes inside the one-man intelligence unit that exposed the secrets and atrocities of Syria's war. Ingenious: Fixing a body’s broken genes is becoming possible. The great expulsion: Barack Obama has presided over one of the largest peacetime outflows of people in America’s history. Carlos Lozada on 150 journalism cliches — and counting. John Cheese on 5 ways parenting turns you into a dumbass.