China’s capital idea

Margus Ott (Tallinn): Chinese Refreshment for Contemporary Political Thought: Wuwei, Care, and Democracy. Yuhua Wang (Penn) and Carl F. Minzner (Fordham): The Rise of the Security State. Dilip K. Das (SolBridge): The Role of China in Asia's Evolution to Global Economic Prominence. Ralph Huenemann (Victoria): The World Bank and China: Future Prospects. Michael P. Murray and Guoqing Sun (Bates): The Demand for Space in China. Eliza Strickland on China, the next space superpower. Matt Schiavenza on Sidney Rittenberg, the American who gave his life to Chairman Mao. Peter Day on Nanjiecun, a village that still lives and works as Mao laid down. From The Economist, a flawed system for judging research is leading to academic fraud; and don’t think, just teach: The party purges free thinkers but can it contain free thinking? Noah Smith on why China's global supremacy is not inevitable. From Unmapped, Nick Holdstock on the death of old Kashgar. The burden of empire: After a brutal attack in China, the Communist Party needs to change its policies towards minorities (and more by Nick Holdstock). Zheng Wang on why China’s new rich want to emigrate. Lydia DePillis on how Taiwan is afraid that Chinese movies are becoming too good. Communism is the goal at a commune, but Chinese officials are not impressed. Rachel Lu on China's capital idea: Is it time to move the seat of government away from Beijing? My Missing Mongolia: Some Chinese see uncomfortable parallels between the Crimean referendum and their own history. Daniel Kurtz-Phelan reviews The Contest of the Century: The New Era of Competition with China — and How America Can Win by Geoff Dyer.