A genius awareness

AprilJo Murphy (North Texas): Homicidal Lesbian Terrorists to Crimson Caped Crusaders: How Folk and Mainstream Lesbian Heroes Queer Cultural Space. Benjamin A. Lyons (SIU): Political Memes, Social Spaces: How Partisanship and Perceptions of Network Heterogeneity Influence Corrective Intent and Views on Censorship. From Mother Jones, Ben Dooley on who’s behind Newsweek: Why are the new owners so anxious to hide their ties to an enigmatic religious figure? Jessica Valenti on why we need to keep talking about “rape culture”. James Miller and Elzbieta Matynia remember Jonathan Schell. Obamacare enrollment is almost over — what just happened? Jeb Bush fever: Rich donors are getting ready to draft another Bush and thumb their noses at the party’s far-right base. Rightbloggers go to holy war for Hobby Lobby, against abortion pills, lady judges. Paul Krugman on jobs and skills and zombies: Why does the myth of a “skills gap” persist and continue to do harm? The original Nate Silver also thinks pundits are “stupid”: Marc Tracy interviews Bill James on “moneyball” in 2014 and backward political thinking. Anne Helen Petersen on Beyonce, Kim, and the politics of celebrity labor. Public Intellectual Deathmatch: Brendan O'Connor on Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jonathan Chait. A sharp mind + cynicism + decadence + a complete contempt for the mass + a mercenary attitude = a genius awareness of what is commercially viable. Know thy selfie: It is time to stop invoking narcissism in the diagnosis of so many modern ills — self-love has its virtues.