Sentenced to death

John J. Donohue (Stanford): The Death Penalty. Katie Ryan Van Camp (Mississippi): He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Federalism and the Death Penalty. Scott Howe (Chapman): The Federal Death Penalty and the Constitutionality of Capital Punishment. Michael J. Perry (Emory): Why Capital Punishment Violates the Constitutional Law of the United States. John D. Bessler (Baltimore): The Anomaly of Executions: The Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause in the 21st Century. Brandon L. Garrett (Virginia): The Banality of Wrongful Executions. Larry Yackle (BU): The New Habeas Corpus in Death Penalty Cases. Caisa E. Royer, Amelia Courtney Hritz, Valerie P. Hans, Theodore Eisenberg, Martin T. Wells, John H. Blume, and Sheri Lynn Johnson (Cornell): Victim Gender and the Death Penalty. Russell Christopher (Tulsa): Death Delayed Is Retribution Denied. Max Ehrenfreund on how there’s still no evidence that executions deter criminals. Dina Fine Maron on how more than 340 U.S. inmates that could have been exonerated were sentenced to death since 1973. Abolition and backlash: David Dagan reviews A Wild Justice: The Death and Resurrection of Capital Punishment in America by Evan J. Mandery (and more). Ian Millhiser on how Florida has never executed a white person for killing a black person. Hitting the broadside of a barn: Robert Anderson on Frank Keating, Roger Dale Stafford, and the death penalty. Ian Millhiser on the cruel and unusual history that led to Oklahoma’s cruel and unusual execution (and more). Austin Sarat on what botched executions tell us about the death penalty. Dismantling the machinery of death: How America can — and will — abolish the death penalty.