Start paying attention

Florian Ederer (Yale) and Alexander Stremitzer (UCLA): Promises and Expectations (“We investigate why people keep their promises in the absence of external enforcement mechanisms and reputational effects”.) Daniel C. Richman (Columbia): Corporate Headhunting. Michael J. Perry (Emory): Abortion. Carl Mosk (Victoria): The Two Axial Ages of Economic History. Robert Thornton (Witwatersrand): Human Sexuality and Human Origins: The Occlusion of Sex, and the Exclusion of Social Anthropology from the Human Evolution Debate. David A. Skeel Jr. (Penn): When Should Bankruptcy Be an Option (for People, Places or Things)? Death of the fund manager: The business of managing other people's money is being commoditised. It’s past time to start paying attention to the mass kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria. Next month in Norway a “human zoo” will open, a re-enactment of the voyeurist exhibitions of Africans that took place during the colonial era. Young, rich and politically ignorant: Heather Digby Parton on the next generation of libertarian billionaires. In a climate where numerous Rob Ford crack videos may exist, what is the proper market price for any single one of them? He hunted Osama bin Laden, he breaks into nuclear-power plants: Tina Dupuy on the unlikely career of Dalton Fury. The economics of adultery: Data from Ashley Madison, the Web site for people seeking to have an affair, suggest the financial crisis might have caused more infidelity.