This is “reform conservatism” in a nutshell

From First Things, Roger Scruton on the good of government: American conservatives need a positive view of government. Matthew Continetti on the theological politics of Irving Kristol. The Tea Party's Godfather: Geoffrey Kabaservice on the life of L. Brent Bozell, Jr., the man who vied with Buckley for leadership of American conservatism. Teatopia: What would actually happen if Tea Partiers controlled Congress and Rand Paul was president? From The Atlantic, are reform conservatives serious? A crop of young thinkers trying to steer the right toward the future needs to both vanquish the Tea Party and show it has more than just a marketing campaign. From TNR, a look at how reform conservatism's solution to the jobs crisis is anathema to the GOP; Brian Beutler on how the GOP isn't listening to "reform conservatives" — it's just using them; and Danny Vinik on why liberals should take reform conservatives seriously: These may become actual policies one day — why not debate them now? This is “reform conservatism” in a nutshell: The GOP is a coalition of crazies, racists and plutocrats — but there is a political requirement to talk about policy in a way that is not obviously crazy, racist or pro-rich. Lauren Windsor goes inside the Koch Brothers’ secret billionaire summit: This is what happens when Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner and a gang of the world’s richest people meet behind closed doors. Rightbloggers rage as blacks help Cochran beat the Tea Party. Party-switching theocrat Michael Peroutka wins primary, claims Maryland legislature is invalid and talks revolution. Heather Parton on why social conservatives are slowly losing America. Why go after women and workers? The Reactionary Mind explains it all for you. Mass transit, Common Core, light bulbs: Conservatives hate these things for no better reason than that liberals like them.