The Internet as we know it

A new issue of Advances in Internet of Things is out. Amanda Craig and Scott Shackelford (Indiana): Hacking the Planet, the Dalai Lama, and You: Managing Technical Vulnerabilities in the Internet through Polycentric Governance. Orin S. Kerr (George Washington): The Fourth Amendment and the Global Internet. Jaanika Erne (Tartu): Discourses on Truth and Censorship in Plato's Politeia Compared with Today's Internet Regulation. Joshua S. Gans (Toronto): Weak versus Strong Net Neutrality. Nancy Scola on five myths about net neutrality. Jathan Sadowski on how the Internet of Things will benefit the insurance industry, and screw us in the process. Leon Neyfakh on the case for an absent-minded Internet: We’ve built a huge memory machine whose capacity is becoming at best a nuisance, at worst dangerous — meet the thinkers trying to teach the Internet to forget. Megan Garber on what the Internet sounds like. Matthew J.X. Malady on how the Internet doesn’t love anything: It is not a human being — and we probably shouldn’t talk about it as though it were. Can technology create an Internet for every language? Kate Knibbs investigates. LOL and Order: Robert Iveniuk on the rise and folly of Internet justice. Did the internet prevent all invention from moving to one place? Chris Forman, Avi Goldfarb and Shane Greenstein investigate. The lost promise of the Internet: Alex Wright on Paul Otlet, the man who almost invented cyberspace. The Internet as we know it is dying: Andrew Leonard on how Facebook and Google are killing the classic Internet and reinventing it in their image. Gordon M. Goldstein on the end of the Internet: How regional networks may replace the World Wide Web.