Promoting quality

The inaugural issue of Burnout Research is out. Stephen Gray (Monash) and Andre Dao (Melbourne): Imprisoned for Shirts, Sex and a Mont Blanc Pen: The Corruption Case of Singapore Legal Academic Tey Tsun Hang. John Hacker-Wright (Guelph): Skill, Practical Wisdom, and Ethical Naturalism. Nathalie Gontier (Lisbon): Pointing and the Evolution of Language: An Applied Evolutionary Epistemological Approach. Stephen R. Grimm (Fordham): The Value of Reflection. Kristen Eichensehr (UCLA): The Cyber-Law of Nations. Mathias A. Fardigh (Gothenburg): What’s the Use of a Free Media? The Role of Media in Curbing Corruption and Promoting Quality of Government. Shanker Satyanath (NYU), Nico Voigtlander (UCLA), and Hans-Joachim Voth (Zurich): Bowling for Fascism: Social Capital and the Rise of the Nazi Party. Patricia Marino (Waterloo): Philosophy of Sex. Guns, booze and bitcoin: Ben Terris goes inside the libertarian version of Burning Man. Founding editor of NLR, pioneer of Cultural Studies, early analyst of Thatcherism, theorist of Caribbean identities, nuncio of New Times — Robin Blackburn remembers Stuart Hall. Ali Khedery on why we stuck with Maliki — and lost Iraq. The War Nerd on World Cup vs. Jihad: “In other words, until Ronaldo and Messi convert to Islam, you can’t cheer when they score a goal”. Hamilton Nolan on five good candidates to succeed Jamie Dimon as head of JP Morgan. Samuel Moyn reviews The Transformation of the World: A Global History of the Nineteenth Century by Jurgen Osterhammel.