Theory and social and political movements

A new issue of Interface: A Journal for and about Social Movements is out. V. Upadhyay (IIT-Delhi): What Happened to the Left Alternative? Ingar Solty (York): Is the Global Crisis Ending the Marriage of Capitalism and Liberal Democracy? (Il-)Legitimate Political Power and the New Global Anti-Capitalist Mass Movements in the Context of the Internationalization of the State. James K. Rowe and Myles Carroll (Victoria): Reform or Radicalism: Left Social Movements from the Battle of Seattle to Occupy Wall Street. Daniel de Zeeuw (Amsterdam): Engaged Withdrawal: Occupying Politics Beyond Politics. Sheetal D. Agarwal, W. Lance Bennett, Courtney N. Johnson, and Shawn Walker (Washington): A Model of Crowd-Enabled Organization: Theory and Methods for Understanding the Role of Twitter in the Occupy Protests. Morgan Gibson (Queensland): The Anarchism of the Occupy Movement. Puneet Dhaliwal reviews Marxism and Social Movements. Language as power: Ian Hill on the terminology of contemporary mass movements. From New Left Review, what social forces are likely to challenge the supremacy of capital in the coming decades? Goran Therborn assesses potential bases of resistance — from traditional communities overrun by the global market to factory workers and an expanding yet amorphous middle class. From the forthcoming Handbook of Political Citizenship and Social Movements, the entry on Resource Mobilization Theory and Social and Political Movements by Bob Edwards and Melinda D. Kane. Kimberly Cowell-Meyers on how Sweden’s Feminist Initiative has lessons for social movements elsewhere. What is the function of the social movement academic? Tom Brock investigates.