The connections between

Ben Saul (Sydney): Terrorism as a Transnational Crime; and Terrorism and International Humanitarian Law. Kai Ambos and Anina Timmermann (Gottingen): Terrorism and Customary International Law. Harmen G. Van der Wilt and Inez L. Braber (Amsterdam): The Case for Inclusion of Terrorism in the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Desi Valentine (Athabasca): Locating the Post-Colonial in Popular Cultural Texts. Campbell R. Harvey (Duke): Bitcoin Myths and Facts. V. Bradley Lewis (CUA): The Neo-Thomist Theory of the Common Good and Catholic Social Teaching. Adrian Pabst (Kent): Catholic Social Thought and Post-liberal Political Economy. Richard C Chen (Pepperdine): Suboptimal Human Rights Decisionmaking. Sahar F. Aziz (Texas A&M): Bringing Down an Uprising: Egypt's Stillborn Revolution. From Media Fields, a special issue on playgrounds, which investigates the connections between media, space, power, and various approaches to “play” across culture and society. From Faith and Philosophy, Kenneth L. Pearce reviews The Puzzle of Existence: Why Is There Something Rather than Nothing?, ed. Tyron Goldschmidt. On religious and psychiatric atheism: Michael Fontaine on the success of Epicurus, the failure of Thomas Szasz. Can Semercioglu on Zizek as an Islamist. Hugh Eakin is in the heart of mysterious Oman. Max Fisher on a surprising map of the world's most and least religiously diverse countries. Derrick Clifton on 17 things white people need to know about #YesAllBlackPeople. Joshua A. Krisch on the evolution of everything in one handy simulation: A new computer simulation maps the early universe through 13 billion years of cosmic evolution, and may help astrophysicists study dark matter.