Morality of transhumanism

From Existenz, a special issue on the future of humanity and the question of post-humanity, including Francesca Ferrando (Columbia): Posthumanism, Transhumanism, Antihumanism, Metahumanism, and New Materialisms: Differences and Relations. Fayaz Chagani (York): Critical Political Ecology and the Seductions of Posthumanism. David Roden (Open): Brandom and Posthuman Agency: An Anti-normativist Response to Bounded Posthumanism. Anton A van Niekerk (Stellenbosch): After Humanity? Philosophical and Moral Perspectives on the Idea of Posthumanity. Robert Ranisch (Tuebingen): Morality of Transhumanism and Posthumanism. I. Glenn Cohen (Harvard): What (If Anything) Is Wrong with Human Enhancement? What (If Anything) Is Right with It? Veselin Mitrovic (Belgrade): The Contingency of the "Enhancement" Arguments: The Possible Transition from Ethical Debate to Social and Political Programs. Marcelo de Araujo (UERJ): Moral Enhancement and Political Realism. Meredith Knight on David Pearce and genetically engineering humans for enlightenment? Jona Specker and Maartje Schermer (Erasmus) and Farah Focquaert, Kasper Raus, and Sigrid Sterckx (Ghent): The Ethical Desirability of Moral Bioenhancement: A Review of Reasons. Julian Savulescu and Ingmar Persson argue that artificial moral enhancement is now essential if humanity is to avoid catastrophe. Philip Lorish reviews Unfit for the Future: The Need for Moral Enhancement by Ingmar Persson and Julian Savulescu. Forget wearable tech — the pioneers of our “post-human” future are implanting technology into their bodies and brains; should we stop them or join them? Russell Blackford reviews Human Being @ Risk: Enhancement, Technology, and the Evaluation of Vulnerability Transformations by Mark Coeckelbergh.