Between gay rights and religious expression

Aaron R. Petty (Leiden): Accommodating “Religion”. Douglas NeJaime (UC-Irvine) and Reva Siegel (Yale): Conscience Wars: Complicity-Based Conscience Claims in Religion and Politics. Annabelle Lever (Geneva): Democratic Equality and Freedom of Religion: The Dilemma of Public Service Provision. Gerard J. Clark (Suffolk): Hobby Lobby and Galloway: The Expansion of the Role of Religion in American Governance. Nelson Tebbe (Brooklyn): Religion and Marriage Equality Statutes. Adam Lamparello (Indiana Tech): Why Chief Justice Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court Just Made the Case for Same-Sex Marriage. Nan D. Hunter (Georgetown): Pluralism and its Perils: Navigating the Tension between Gay Rights and Religious Expression. From ThinkProgress, Ian Millhiser on when “religious liberty” was used to justify racism instead of homophobia; Judd Legum on the big lie the media tells about Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law; if you want to know the problem with Indiana’s “religious freedom” law, just ask George W. Bush; and Jack Jenkins on how the rise of LGBT rights is an existential threat to conservative religious groups. What makes Indiana’s religious-freedom law different? Garrett Epps investigates. Ben Carson says “intolerance” of religion makes Indiana’s anti-gay law necessary. Gay and Mennonite: They vote on everything, they’re committed to peace — can a church that defines itself by harmony survive dissonance over homosexuality?