Ethics is not rocket science

Joshua Gert (William and Mary): Disgust, Moral Disgust, and Morality. Boris Rahme (Ahref): Is Evidence from Social Psychology and Neuroscience Relevant to Philosophical Debates in Normative Ethics? Matt King and Joshua May (UAB): Moral Responsibility and Mental Illness. Gregg Caruso (CCC): If Consciousness is Necessary for Moral Responsibility, Then People are Less Responsible Than We Think. Andreas Mogensen (Oxford): Evolutionary Debunking Arguments in Ethics. Brian Leiter (Chicago): Normativity for Naturalists. Devin Henry (UWO): Holding For the Most Part: The Demonstrability of Moral Facts. Knut Skarsaune (Lillehammer): How To Be a Moral Platonist. James Andow (Reading): Expecting Moral Philosophers to be Reliable. Kelly C. Smith (Clemson): Ethics Is Not Rocket Science: How to Have Ethical Discussions in Your Science Class. Why be good? It’s a question we seem unable to avoid, and unable to answer. In 2115, when our descendants look back at our society, what will they condemn as our greatest moral failing? John Mariana (College of the Canyons): Overconsumption, Procreation, and Morality. The ethics of philanthropy: Peter Singer’s latest goal is getting people to give away a third of their income (and more and more). Should charity be logical? Donating to Little League does not make you a moral monster.