The world’s spiralling levels of inequality

Andreas Jorgensen (Copenhagen): Why Inequality Matters. Anjan Kumar Saha (Monash): Deep Roots of Income Inequality. Research from 24 countries shows that economic inequality is associated with political inequality. Do human rights increase inequality? Samuel Moyn on how human rights, even perfectly realized human rights, are compatible with inequality, even radical inequality. The introduction to The Globalization of Inequality by Francois Bourguignon. Matt O’Brien on how much money the super rich make in 25 different countries around the world. Branko Milanovic on inequality and the new global plutocracy. “Barely disguised oligarchies”: An interview with Wolfgang Streeck; and on Piketty, the global tax on capital, and the fiscal crisis of the state. Thomas Piketty on how a global progressive tax on individual net worth would offer the best solution to the world’s spiralling levels of inequality. Michael Albertus (Chicago) and Victor A. Menaldo (Washington): Capital in the Twenty-First Century — in the Rest of the World. A practical vision of a more equal society: Thomas Piketty reviews Inequality: What Can Be Done? by Anthony B. Atkinson. Reducing inequality of opportunity, rather than inequality of outcome, is often heralded as an appropriate target for policy — but disentangling how effort and circumstance contribute to outcomes is difficult, and this leads to a tendency to underestimate inequality of opportunity.