Things you need to know about the European migrant crisis

Heather Alexander (Tilburg) and Jonathan Simon (NYU): “Unable to Return” in the 1951 Refugee Convention: Stateless Refugees and Climate Change. Is Europe’s refugee crisis actually a climate crisis? Joshua Keating on global (warming) instability. Is this migrant wave unprecedented? Yes and no — Virginie Guiraudon on five things you need to know about the European migrant crisis. Ana Swanson on the big myth about refugees: Refugees can be an investment, rather than a burden. For an open Europe: Thomas Piketty on how the plight of the refugees is an opportunity for Europeans to jump-start the continent’s economy. Eric Posner on why Europe is unable to handle its refugee crisis. Finland to raise taxes on the wealthy to cover refugee costs. Europe’s true immigration capacity: Grace Choi and Reinhilde Veugelers on what we can learn from the US green card system. America owns this nightmare: The refugee disaster unfolding across Europe is the result of decades — even centuries — of Western policies.