Provisional thoughts

Robbie Robinson (North-West): Provisional Thoughts on Limitations to the Right to Procreate. Joshua May (UAB): Emotional Reactions to Human Reproductive Cloning. Bill O’Reilly makes a killing: Striding into her office, Laura Miller gazed at the Fox News host’s wildly successful series of historical thrillers. Before YouTube and online classes, there were the Great Courses. Seeking upper hand in Antarctica: For decades to come, Antarctica is supposed to be protected as a scientific preserve — but an array of countries are eager to assert greater influence. America’s shame: Fifteen years of pain and suffering outside the rule of law — why can't we close the prison at Guantanamo Bay? Charles Goodman reviews Engaging Buddhism: Why It Matters to Philosophy by Jay L. Garfield. Living on a small planet in a big universe exposes us to all manner of existential problems, but what are the worst, and what are the weirdest?