Always a token

Rita Felski (Virginia): Doing the Humanities with Bruno Latour. Vuko Andric (Mannheim) and Joachim Wundisch (Dusseldorf): Is It Bad to Be Disabled? Adjudicating Between the Mere-Difference and the Bad-Difference Views of Disability. Is something rotten in the state of Turkey? Slavoj Zizek wonders. Survival of the scruffiest: Christopher Oldstone-Moore on Charles Darwin and the evolutionary mystery of the beard. The little old lady from the Upper West Side: Terry Teachout on 90 years of the New Yorker. Philip Hensher on America’s greatest magazine at its greatest. Nurith Aizenman on why Luxembourg outranks the U.S. when it comes to helping poor nations. Has money really changed from shells to digital apps? Underneath, money is always a token of our social relations. Ross Poole on how not to remember 9/11.