Ways to think about the economy

Willem H. Buiter and Anne C. Sibert (Birkbeck): Government Deficits in Large Open Economies: The Problem of Too Little Public Debt. Robert Skidelsky on the scarecrow of national debt. David Leiser and Nofar Duani (Ben Gurion) and Pascal Wagner-Egger (Fribourg): The Conspiratorial Style in Lay Economic Thinking. This is not a market: J.D. Evans and Sam Lebovic on how one bad metaphor leads our economic thinking astray. Market-oriented “reforms” in the provision of health, education and public safety services have failed — it’s time we went back to what works (and more). Narayana Kocherlakota on four ways to think about the economy. Does Wall Street do “God’s work” or even anything useful? Francesco D’Acunto (Maryland): Tear Down This Wall Street: The Effect of Anti-Market Ideology on Investment Decisions. Who needs bankers when you have robots? Robert VerBruggen reviews The Wealth of Humans: Work, Power, and Status in the Twenty-first Century by Ryan Avent.

Is it possible to change the way capitalism works? An excerpt from Change Everything: Creating an Economy for the Common Good by Christian Felber.