This election terrifies

From Nautilus, why are US presidential elections so close? The American Conservative Presidential Symposium: Two-dozen conservatives, libertarians, and independently minded progressives reveal how they look at the presidential election. A new conservative news network is looking for “buxom and attractive” women and “butler types”. Maybe the right-wing media isn’t crazy, after all: After Trump, can the media escape the confirmation bias trap that it has set for itself? This election shines a new light on Wall Street’s bro culture. Adam S. Sieff on the Schmittian turn in the conservative movement. The Bundy standoff is a sign of things to come. The GOP’s dysfunction is our dysfunction now: The fight to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court is at the center of a new, broken era of American politics.

The real Clinton email scandal is that a bullshit story has dominated the campaign. We asked 16 historians if they think Trump is a fascist — this is what they said. Hillary Clinton’s quiet revolution: Nobody’s noticed, but she’s running on an ambitious plan to remake the American social compact. Republicans are now vowing Total War — and the consequences could be immense. Clinton must begin waging her next war: If she wins, here’s how she can throw her usual caution to the winds. We may have unlocked the mystery of Trump’s orange skin: Does it have something to do an Indiana tanning mogul? The planet is screwed if Democrats don’t win the Senate. Jelani Cobb on Donald Trump and the death of American exceptionalism. The FBI wants to Make America Great Again: It sure seems like the bureau is trying to send a message about the election.

The Democratic National Committee has told the FBI it found evidence its HQ was bugged. Carlos Lozada on the 16 books that explain the 2016 race. Weak parties and strong partisanship are a bad combination. Gary Johnson, queen maker: The impact of third-party candidates on federal and state elections is as significant as it is overlooked. Why Vladimir Putin’s Russia is backing Donald Trump. Social media is enabling prejudice to slip back into the mainstream; as the US goes to the polls, what does this mean for democracy? U.S. government hackers ready to hit back if Russia tries to disrupt election. The lasting harm of Trump-style sexism: The Republican nominee has dismissed his misogynist speech as “just words”, but multiple studies show rude rhetoric can have a major impact on thinking, stress, and self-esteem.

White riot: How racism and immigration gave us Trump, Brexit, and a whole new kind of politics. Republicans lose if the bullies win: The party’s radicals can’t be appeased, even at the cost of conservative gains. The most important fact about Trump: Republican opposition to him was deep and wide, and then it was ignored. Running as an erect phallus: Trump is not running on a policy platform — people are voting for his dick. President Hillary Rodham should drop “Clinton” — it’s the other declaration of independence. Beyond lying: Jason Stanley on Donald Trump’s authoritarian reality. Melania’s illegal immigration problem reminds us what Trump’s campaign has always been about: “I get it, David Duke gets it, the frog meme people get it, everyone gets it”. US officials are more worried about the media being hacked than the ballot box.

Why vote for Clinton if you don’t believe in her? Zachary Sunderman on a pragmatic defense of the Democratic Party in 2016. How Putin became the Che Guevara of the Right: Giving Putin the thumbs-up is the equivalent of pulling on a Che T-shirt for the Left. Latina hotel workers harness force of labor and of politics in Las Vegas: The 57,000-member Culinary Union, which is 56 percent Latino and includes guest room attendants, is a powerful supporter of Nevada Democrats. The Trump campaign’s reaction to an unarmed protester wasn’t just wrong — it was scary. Is Trump an anti-Semite? Josh Marshall wonders. How a series of fringe anti-Muslim conspiracy theories went mainstream — via Donald Trump. What it took: How a lifetime of compromises and concessions brought one woman to the brink of history.

Inside Donald Trump’s last stand: An anxious nominee seeks assurance. The men feminists left behind: Hillary Clinton’s candidacy shows that women have changed, men haven’t — what happens next? A militia gets battle ready for a “gun-grabbing” Clinton presidency: At a militia training camp in Georgia, it was clear that no issue motivates members more than guns — and the enduring belief that Hillary Clinton is plotting to take them away. The closer, Michelle Obama: Dismissed early on by critics, the first lady has evolved into a powerful presence on the campaign trail. How Trump took over the media by fighting it: He made himself the biggest news story since 9/11, and almost neutered the press in the process. Stephen Bannon’s long game: How the Breitbart CEO will keep Trumpism alive long after Election Day.

Why this election terrifies me: The remote chance of a Donald Trump win is only one reason to tremble. Fredric Jameson: People are saying “this is a new fascism” and my answer is — not yet.