This election’s media failure

Where will Trump stand on press freedoms? President-elect Donald Trump resumes his attack on the press. Dan Rather on the role of journalists after "the election of a generation". Why Charlie Cook is chagrined with the media's Trump coverage. Journalists "have to take a stand": Jorge Ramos calls out media's late reaction to Donald Trump. "Yes, but only one side has anything resembling a legitimate case". Trump was not a media fail: The press succeeded in exposing Trump for what he was — voters just decided they didn't care. The media blew the election — now they're blowing the transition to Trump. The U.S. media is completely unprepared to cover a Trump presidency: Donald Trump and his surrogates have shown an uncanny ability to lie in the face of objective facts — they will now have the power of the federal government to help them. Josh Marshall on keeping a close eye on the mainstream media.

David Neiwert on the press and Donald Trump's army of haters. Floyd Abrams warns of serious threats Trump administration poses to freedom of the press. Markos Moulitsas: "I hope Trump cracks the fuck down on the press. That way, in the future, they won't be so cavalier about proto-fascist campaigns". The forces that drove this election's media failure are likely to get worse. A call to action for journalists covering President Trump. Dan Gillmor on Trump, free speech, and why journalists must be activists. President-elect Trump: Already very good for nonprofit news outlets.