Muslim ban echoes authoritarian states

From Vox, Dara Lind on how Trump's immigration order was a 9/11-style crisis reaction — without a 9/11; the Trump administration is considering a broad crackdown on legal foreign workers; and a leaked Trump order suggests he's planning to deport more legal immigrants for using social services. Nearly 1,000 at State Department officially dissent on immigration order (and more). The Trump Executive Orders on immigration enforcement: Alex Aleinikoff on how a wilful disregard for facts has produced disastrous policy. The incompetence displayed by Trump's immigration orders will be terrifying in a crisis. Trump's immigration order is just the opening salvo in Steve Bannon's war against Islam. Steve Bannon is making sure there's no White House paper trail, says intel source: The Trump administration's chief strategist has already taken control of both policy and process on national security.

Never again: Muslim ban echoes authoritarian states. Experts on authoritarianism say Trump's presidency is getting even worse. Populist/authoritarian strains worry Koch network. Stefano Passini (Bologna): Different Ways of Being Authoritarian: The Distinct Effects of Authoritarian Dimensions on Values and Prejudice. Crisis mode: What happens if Donald Trump refuses a federal court order. Quick-fire: Trump is barreling through the Nixonian playbook with his firing of Sally Yates. In just 10 days, President Trump has split the government into warring factions.

Do Republicans remember when they promised they'd be a check on Trump? The Republican Congress is responsible: They make his actions possible — they are responsible for virtually everything he's doing. The Democrats are finally growing a spine — maybe. Are Trump's generals mounting a defense of democratic institutions? Progressives were worried about the heavy concentration of retired brass in the new administration, but James Mattis and John Kelly could prove to be the most effective checks on the president.