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Helge Arsheim (Oslo): Religion and International Organizations. Somalis are fleeing famine — only to find death in a place of refuge. Don’t be duped or misled about the Venezuela protests — these 5 insights will help. Did the Turkish president’s security detail attack protesters in Washington? What the video shows. Lawfare isn’t the blog we deserve, but it is the one we need in Trump’s America. Sarah Herrington reviews May Cause Love: An Unexpected Journey of Enlightenment After Abortion by Kassi Underwood. GDP is built on a great lie: Lorenzo Fioramonti on why GDP is such a dangerous number. Mount Everest’s Hillary Step has collapsed, mountaineer confirms. Trying not to drown in a flood of major breaking news.

Fareed Zakaria on how Saudi Arabia played Donald Trump. The pope and the pagan: Andrew Sullivan on the vast, empty, and dark space that lies between Donald Trump and anything resembling Christianity. Why Trump is a salesman with autocrats and a slumlord with allies. As G7 ends, it’s clear how world leaders are learning to handle Donald Trump.