Trump’s tweets matter

David Garcia, Pavlin Mavrodiev, Daniele Casati, and Frank Schweitzer (ETH Zurich): Understanding Popularity, Reputation, and Social Influence in the Twitter Society. No, Donald Trump doesn’t have 110 million people following him on social media. Twitter’s pro-Trump bot crisis is really a human crisis. A twitterbot that turns Trump’s tweets into official presidential statements is usefully jarring. Sean Spicer says Trump’s tweets are indeed official statements, contrary to recent statements by other officials in Trump’s administration. Trump’s tweets matter because, like it or not, he’s running the US government. Stop tweeting, Mr. President: Every time he logs into Twitter, Trump embarrasses himself and the country.

Trump makes Middle Eastern crisis worse with strange tweets. Trump’s tweets prompt backlash from GOP lawyers. Trump’s self-inflicted wounds keep coming, one tweet at a time. Is there genius and power in covfefe? Here’s a bold claim — President Trump’s “covfefe” tweet was a genius move that is a very powerful demonstration of his ability to persuade. Knight Institute demands that president unblock critics on Twitter. Trump may live-tweet Comey hearing. Donald Trump’s tweets are providing the real story of his presidency.