Not an anomaly

Ted Lechterman (Stanford): The Effective Altruist’s Political Problem. The world stands by as body count rises in Rohingya massacre. There’s a disaster much worse than Texas — but no one talks about it. Texas gov called special session to protect bigots and rapists, won’t for hurricane victims. Paul Manafort connected to 2006 overseas attack on US Marines. Alice Hines reviews Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice by Willie Parker. “Siri, how could I dogwhistle ‘western women are too empowered to fulfil their biological function, imperilling the white race’?” Eve Peyser on a guide to weird Leftist Internet slang. You can download States and Illegal Practices, ed. Josiah McC. Heyman (1999).

Colin Dayan goes inside Joe Arpaio’s tent city. There are many Joe Arpaios: The former Arizona sheriff is famous for his abhorrent behavior — he’s not an anomaly. Eric Levitz on “Sheriff Joe” and everyday American authoritarianism. Trump’s controversial Arpaio pardon faces new legal scrutiny. Republicans completely own Trump’s Arpaio pardon.