Contradictions of antifa

FBI, Homeland Security warn of more “antifa” attacks. The history, theory and contradictions of antifa: Carlos Lozada reviews Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook by Mark Bray and From Fascism to Populism in History by Federico Finchelstein. Academics come out in support of Antifa author Mark Bray. “White supremacists are more afraid of us than we are of them”: Sean Illing interviews Daryle Jenkins, the self-appointed spokesperson of antifa. Antifa broke my camera: Mike Kessler on what it’s like to cover the black-clad activists at the frontlines of the battle against white supremacy. Here’s the best thing the media can do when reporting on “antifa”.

German Lopez on the case against antifa: The anti-fascist movement often deploys violence in its protests — and that could seriously backfire. Clarence Page on antifa’s unfortunate gift to the far Right. Thread: “If you reflexively oppose antifa today, you probably would have opposed the lunch counter sit-ins in 1960”. Waiting for a perfect protest: Well-intended moderates have used unrealistic standards to judge anti-racism activism, but this is nothing new — just ask Martin Luther King Jr. Thread: “Reminder that the U.S. used anti-fascist tendencies as a proxy for communism as a proxy for dangerous enemies of the state before”.

The alt-Right and antifa are waging a new kind of Internet warfare. “Right-wing asshole—those who fight Nazis are just as bad as the Nazis”. I’m sick of busting my ass doing neo-Nazi stuff only to have some masked antifa dweebs get credit as the real fascists.