Trump’s Puerto Rico shakedown

Puerto Ricans denounce “second-class” status as island struggles to recover. Hector Figueroa on how Washington set Puerto Rico up for disaster: Long before Hurricane Maria targeted Puerto Rico, the island was impoverished by neglect and abuse from Congress. Puerto Rico’s American Dream is dead: Hurricane aid is on its way, but the U.S. seems unwilling to tackle the island’s long-term problems. Don’t let Puerto Rico fall into an economic abyss. How Puerto Rico recovered before: The island’s New Deal history offers an alternative to disaster capitalism. Puerto Rico after Maria: Brad W. Setser on initial thoughts on the fiscal and economic implications.

Puerto Rico’s fiscal board postpones furloughs following Hurricane Maria. Getting ready for Trump’s Puerto Rico shakedown. Puerto Rican debt holders respond to catastrophic hurricane by offering Puerto Rico more debt. Don’t let the vultures shock doctrine Puerto Rico. Austerity natural disaster: Jean Rene Santiago Cruz on why we should push for debt forgiveness for Puerto Rico.