The Texas church shooting is getting a different reaction

Hours after horrific mass shooting, Texas attorney general Ken Paxton urges more people to bring guns to church. Here’s why the Texas church shooting is getting a different reaction from the attack in New York. Child deaths aren’t enough to inspire lawmakers to implement gun reform anymore. Mass shootings in America are spreading like a disease. EJ Graff on what political science can tell us about mass shootings. Ted Cruz accidentally explained America’s gun problem in one sentence. Whiteness doesn’t cause mass shootings. Donald Trump emphasizes “mental health” instead of domestic violence after Texas mass shooting.

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“After a mass shooting we must know if the shooter is white so Republicans can decide if we should do everything to prevent it, or nothing”. Conway: Liberals just “see politics” after tragedies but “never help” victims. Fox News host says church is the best place to get shot: “There’s no other place we would want to go”. Conservative writer: God was “answering prayers” of Texas victims by letting them get shot.