The Weinstein moment

From the New Yorker, Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein’s army of spies: The film executive hired private investigators, including ex-Mossad agents, to track actresses and journalists. Paz de la Huerta says Harvey Weinstein raped her twice — will that bring him to justice? Terrible men, terrible apologies: A taxonomy of sorry celebrity statements, from Harvey Weinstein’s incoherent rant to Kevin Spacey’s failed diversion tactic. The usual suspects: Jacob Bacharach on Kevin Spacey and the problem of the “open secret” — from Hollywood to Broadway. Oxford University places Tariq Ramadan on leave amid rape claims. Claims of sexual harassment at BBC spike after Weinstein scandal. Global media confronts its own Weinsteins. Lizzie O’Leary describes sexual harassment in journalism.

Sexual harassment is a huge problem in politics, too — what can we do about it? Congress wants to make harassment trainings mandatory — science shows they don’t work. How corporations create a culture of impunity for sexual harassers. Increased sexual harassment complaints have companies investing in insurance against sexual harassment complaints. Hollywood and evangelicals respond to sexual harassment/assault. Trump was expressing political opinion by calling sexual-harassment accusers “liars”, his attorneys argue.

How confidentiality agreements hurt — and help — victims of sexual harassment. Mimi Kramer on the double life of the “respectable” men who harass women. Thread: “One pattern: Men benefit professionally from sexual harassment. Even those who don’t harass”. This is why sexual harassment can’t truly be rooted out. All the angry ladies: The Weinstein moment has had a side effect — the mobilization and the normalization of women’s rage.