The influence of money in politics

Timothy K. Kuhner (Georgia State): The Next American Revolution. Michael R. Siebecker (Denver): Political Insider Trading. Katherine Shaw (Yeshiva): The Lost History of the Millionaire’s Amendment. Frank A. Pasquale (Maryland): First Amendment Freeze Play: Bennett’s Strategy for Entrenching Inequality. Nicole A Gordon (Baruch): Options for Continued Reform of Money in Politics: Citizens United is Not the End. How much does a politician cost? A groundbreaking study reveals the influence of money in politics. Right-wing billionaires are buying themselves a new constitution. Political donors put their money where the memes are.

Tax reform for donors: The tax bill shows that donor influence on Congress remains a problem, but reform efforts to reduce this corruption are further polarizing the country. Ciara Torres-Spelliscy on 17 things we learned about money in politics in 2017: From a Florida city council to the D.C. Circuit, various bodies wrestled with campaign finance law in 2017.