Fighting sexual harassment

From the New Republic, how sexual harassment shapes politics in Washington: Eight essays on sexual discrimination and harassment in D.C., across politics, policy and the media. #MeToo is coming for the U.S. military. The government is finally cracking down on sexual harassers in science. Sex, lies, and human resources: If you think the #MeToo reckoning is over because the Weinsteins of the world have been toppled, you’ve missed the point. Why might a woman not come forward sooner? Here are some feasible possibilities. There’s no such thing as Twitter feminism: Sarah Jones on what #MeToo’s critics get wrong about the role social media plays in fighting sexual harassment.

Go ahead, criticize #MeToo: It doesn’t take bravery to join the backlash. Is Gloria Steinem worried about backlash? No — “Fuck them”, the feminist icon said during a conference on women’s empowerment.