The biggest threat to American democracy

From the Center for the Study of Inequality, here are papers from a conference on the state of democracy in the United States. Threads: (1) “If we stay on the path we are on now, it ends in democratic decline and rule by people like Neil Gorsuch — potentially for the rest of our lives. I think Democrats need to take the risky bet” and (2) “The biggest threat to American democracy probably isn’t Trump, it is Neil Gorsuch”. Thread: “Forbearance doesn’t work if only one side plays”. Thread: “The idea that good policy is insulation against backlash is one of the hoariest pundit’s fallacies in American history, and so far it’s batting .000”.

“The Republicans are behaving like a party that believes it will never be held accountable”: Sean Illing interviews David Faris, author of It’s Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics. Mark Levin says “the Democrat Party is more dangerous than any foreign enemy”.