Early appraisal

Sara Ochs (Elon): What Hun Sen’s Re-Election Means for the Fate of Cambodian Justice. Jeffrey Toobin on how Rudy Giuliani turned into Trump’s clown: The former mayor’s theatrical, combative style of politics anticipated — and perfectly aligns with — the President’s. Quinta Jurecic on that 60-day rule: “The only problem with this argument is that it’s wrong”. Bob Bauer on Don McGahn as White House counsel: An early appraisal. Nauru is a nation in democratic freefall propped up by Australia. Thread: “Wow. @SenSanders is really getting under Amazon’s skin. This response on their corporate blog is a feat of corporate-speak — sort of hilarious and enraging all at once. Let’s break this down”.

It’s time for the U.S. to stop supplying weapons to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Annie Linskey on how ethnicity was not a factor in Elizabeth Warren’s rise in law. Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 preparations get more aggressive. Jared Bernstein and Dean Baker on unions in the 21st century: A potent weapon against inequality. Helaine Olen on Labor Day in Trump’s America. Rebekah Entralgo on the sorry state of labor in 2018. Venezuela heading for “crisis moment” comparable to refugees in Mediterranean, UN says. Who gets a second chance? Louis C.K. decided it was time for his. No one knows how long the U.S. coastline is. What goes up in flames: Austerity kills, and fires show a society’s priorities.