Of the anonymous White House senior staffer op-ed

“So. That New York Times op-ed from the anonymous Senior White House official. It’s high-grade seagull guano. A perfect example of how Decency Resistance is designed to shield the elite. Let me explain”. “The short summary of the anonymous White House senior staffer op-ed: We’ll serve and enable an incompetent and corrupt racist, as long as we can carry out our extreme right-wing economic agenda”. “By spreading word that they stood up to the president behind closed doors, these figures hope to burnish their reputations and distance themselves from the stain the Trump presidency leaves on nearly everyone it touches”.

“The problem for the president is it could be so many people”. “By recklessly calling Trump’s attention to the plot against him, the author is undermining its effectiveness”. “Speak in your own name. Resign in a way that will count. Present the evidence that will justify an invocation of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, or an impeachment, or at the very least, the first necessary step toward either outcome, a Democratic Congress after the November elections”.